From after school events to summer camps, our kids programs offer endless education and on-your-feet fun. Discover our wide array of activities including laser tag at select locations.
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  • Dance & Cheerleading  
    • Cheerleading  
      • Cheertastics  
        • H-A-V-E-F-U-N building strength and developing strong cheerleading skills! Kids practice a combination of chants, clapping, jumps and dance. No cheerleading experience required. Just come in and be ready to ‘Bring it On’!

    • Dance  
      • Babylon School of Dance at Highpoint  
        • PSC Highpoint is proud to partner with the Babylon School of Dance to offer high-quality dance education. Since 1989 they have been teaching students of all ages, skill levels and aspirations the art of dance by exposing them to the joy of movement and self-expression. In addition to teaching a wide range of styles such as creative rhythm, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and modern technique, Babylon instructors provide positive support to help students build confidence and character. Many Babylon students have received college scholarships for dance and have pursued professional dance careers. Professional experience combined with a mother's love is why 400+ students return to Babylon year after year. Available only at PSC Highpoint.

      • Kids Dance  
        • You like to move it, move it! Kids learn the latest dance moves and incorporate them into a routine backed by a soundtrack of popular music. No dance experience required.

      • Kids Hip Hop  
        • 1, 2, 3, everybody bounce! This class is ideal for children and teens that want to learn dance skills in a non-competitive environment. Work out, enjoy the beats, and prove to your friends you are too cool for school!

      • Kids Zumba  
        • Get in the party mood with some Zumba! This form of dance is a fun, easy-to-follow aerobic routine that combines Latin dance moves with a cardio workout. It's a fun-filled, get-up-and-move fitness extravaganza!

  • Day Programs  
    • Drop & Shop  
      • In need of some “me time” without the little ones? Leave your kids with us to have fun while you shop stress free. Children enjoy a variety of fitness activities, make new friends and learn teamwork while you finish all your errands with time to spare!

    • Gym & Swim  
      • Start healthy habits early! This program blends fitness activities with swimming so your kids gain confidence and grow stronger while they learn water safety skills.

    • Kid’s Night Out  
      • Enjoy a well-deserved break from the rigors of 24/7 parenthood with our Kids Night Out program. While you recharge with some precious “me” time, we’ll keep your kids active and entertained with a full schedule of fitness activities, crafts and games in a safe and caring environment.

    • Lasertag  
      • High-tech fun for everyone! Run, hide and dodge lasers in our out-of-this-world laser studio. Each team navigates obstacles with the goal of tagging their opponent to score points. Ideal for birthday parties and group events.

    • School’s Out  
      • When school’s out we’re open. Treat yourself to a day off while your child enjoys a day of high-energy fun. Our School’s Out program is loaded with action-packed sports, games and activities that foster athletic skills, teamwork and healthy habits.

  • Sports and Fitness  
    • Basketball  
      • Basketball Clinic  
        • Slam Dunk! Our clinic demonstrates the proper application of basketball skills through repetition. By the end of the program, your kids will not only be better basketball players, they’ll understand the value of commitment and teamwork.

      • Basketball Leagues  
        • A slam-dunk for all team players! Games are played five-against-five with an eight-team maximum per league. The cost includes at least eight games (plus playoffs), team shirts and a championship trophy. Game on!

    • Fitness  
      • Cardio Sculpt  
        • Sculpt your body into a work of art! This 45-minute session helps kids find their inner strength as they build a foundation for a healthy and happy lifestyle. This non-competitive, social atmosphere is great for building confidence and new friendships.

      • Kids Spin  
        • Let your imagination take you to places you’ve never been before! In this class, stationary
          bikes are transformed into imaginary vehicles of travel and exploration. Enjoy videos and pop
          music during this improvisational journey! (Participants must be at least 4’8 tall and have a
          minimum inseam of 28”.)

      • Kids Yoga  
        • Namaste! This yoga class will provide a total mind-body workout in a simple and fun environment. Parents, babies, children and teens can all enjoy the basic yoga moves and feel at ease in this 45-minute session.

      • Move With Me  
        • This class gives parents and children an opportunity to bond and stay active together. Together, you’ll practice skills that help develop and improve balance, agility, coordination in addition to working on skills such as throwing and catching. Have a blast in this class with your “Mini-me”.

      • Tuff Kids Circuit  
        • Our Tuff Kids program lays the foundation for future success with a fun, active circuit workout. Kids bounce from station-to-station building their strength and endurance while improving flexibility and coordination. In addition, children enjoy a unique blend of non-contact boxing, kickboxing and martial arts to improve their discipline and focus. Start healthy habits today for a stronger tomorrow.

      • Youth Sports Conditioning  
        • Children perform a variety of well-rounded exercises designed to help them be healthy and fit. While this program is not necessarily sport-specific, it will improve the performance in children who play sports. Stay in shape regardless of the season in this non-competitive, social program!

    • Gymnastics  
      • Adaptive Gymnastics  
        • Skills are taught utilizing colorful children's gymnastics equipment through themes, music and games. The program is lead by a certified special needs teacher who is experienced in instructing children of all ages and abilities. Activities are adapted to meet the needs of each child, so all children can learn and improve. The curriculum is designed to teach balance, flexibility and encourage achievement while providing social interaction. Parental participation is optional depending on the needs of your child.

      • Gymnastics  
        • Channel your inner Gabby Douglas! Kids learn to tumble, flip and roll in this high-energy program. Classes focus on basic gymnastic skills through the use of games, music and themes.

    • Lacrosse  
      • Lacrosse Clinic  
        • Lacrosse enthusiasts—join us! This clinic, open to both boys and girls, covers basic stick skills and drills. Complete the clinic and you’re prepared for the big leagues!

    • Lasertag  
      • High-tech fun for everyone! Run, hide and dodge lasers in our out-of-this-world laser studio. Each team navigates obstacles with the goal of tagging their opponent to score points. Ideal for birthday parties and group events.

    • Martial Arts  
      • Kickboxing Kids  
        • Punch, kick, jab and shout! In this unique blend of boxing, kickboxing and martial arts, kids are taught discipline, focus and coordination, and how to effectively channel their energy.

      • Martial Arts  
        • Hai-yah! Get ready to kick some butt with this mix of boxing, kickboxing and martial arts! Kids learn discipline, focus and coordination and how to effectively channel their energy.

      • Tae Kwon Do  
        • The Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do fosters personal growth, fitness, and coordination through participation of fun activities with friends.  Students learn self-defense techniques such as blocks and kicks, in addition to character development such as honoring and respecting parents, perseverance, self-control, and integrity.

    • Mixed Sports  
      • All-Star Sports  
        • Fan of all kinds of sports? Join us for a fun circuit that focuses on age-appropriate sports and
          motor skill development. A new sport is featured each week including track and field, tee ball,
          hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and flag football.

    • Soccer  
      • Soccer Clinic  
        • Ready to bend it like Beckham? Kids develop basic soccer skills through drills and scrimmage games. Sessions are both fun and educational, combining general skill development with games.

    • Volleyball  
      • Volleyball Clinic  
        • Bump, set and spike! This volleyball clinic provides kids with fun-filled exercises, drills and techniques to improve their volleyball skills and focus on teamwork.

      • Volleyball Leagues  
        • This competitive recreational 6-on-6 league runs 10 weeks in duration and has a 12-team maximum. Each team is allowed a maximum of eight players on their roster. Game on!